Become a Sponsor at NoSQL Now! 2014

Contact Warwick Davies for more information at (781) 354-0119 or

Is the Audience Well-Qualified?

The majority of conference attendees have paid over $1,200 to attend the conference, plus travel and living expenses. They're serious about acquiring advanced technology to solve their business needs. They are hungry for information and education about products, services and available solutions, with a short-term purchasing horizon.

How are We Marketing the Event?

  • Extensive Email Campaigns to 110,000+ Mailing List

  • Partnerships with Industry Associations

  • Strong relationships with major data and IT publications

  • Extensive Social Media Campaigns

  • Specialized Promotional Programs

  • Marketing Partnerships

Sponsor & Exhibitor Benefits:

  • Speaking Opportunties

  • Large Exhibition Floor

  • 3 Full Days of Networking

  • User Group Meetings

  • Logo Placement and Promotions

  • Product Demonstrations

Sponsored Speaking Opportunities

Exhibitors may pay a sponsorship fee for the privilege of speaking as part of the conference agenda. These presentations provide excellent value in terms of representation, time and publicity.

User Group Meetings

Several Sponsors host user group meetings for their customers and prospects either before, during or after the conference

Who Will Attend?

  • 88% of attendees at NoSQL Now! have direct
    involvement in technology acquisition decisions
    (identifying, evaluating and/or recommending
    solutions). 18% have direct budget approval and
    buying authority.

  • 55% of conference attendees are from outside of
    Silicon Valley. Strong presence from Financial,
    Telecom, Media, Healthcare, Energy, Insurance and
    Retail sectors.

  • 44% of conference attendees have IT budgets over
    $10 million.

Over 800 Attendees Expected!

Based on previous registration growth, we expect over 800 people will attend 2014 NoSQL Now!

If you would like information about sponsorship, or opportunities to promote your products and services, please contact:

Warwick Davies

Phone: (781) 354-0119



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