Oracle Meetup: Big Data Apps in Action: A Real-time Perspective
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  Dave Rubin   Dave Rubin
Director of NoSQL Product Development at Oracle
  Alok Pareek   Alok Pareek
Founder and EVP Products


Wednesday, August 20, 2014
06:00 PM - 08:00 PM

Level:  Technical - Introductory

In the Internet of Things era, enterprises that leverage big data driven applications to run core business services gain a competitive edge over others. Big Data infrastructures like Hadoop while well suited for batch processing workloads, do not fully address real-time big data requirements that are inherently latency sensitive.

Join Oracle NoSQL DB and the WebAction team in a discussion on architecting a real time big data app platform to solve real world use cases. Dave Rubin will share what's new /up-coming in this exciting area of technological need for the Oracle NoSQL Database. Alok Pareek will present and showcase “real-world” big data apps ON WebAction - an integrated platform that uses a declarative SQL like interface for addressing real-time analytics, high throughput in-memory processing, event correlation, and intelligent storage and alerting.

Dave has extensive background in big data systems. Prior to Oracle, Dave was with Cox Enterprises where he ran the Infrastructure Engineering organization responsible for developing big data systems in the Online Display Advertising vertical. Previously, he ran the engineering teams at Rapt Inc, delivering Price Optimization and Inventory Forecasting solutions to online media companies. Dave started his career at Sybase and holds four U.S. patents in the areas of query optimization and advanced transaction models.

Prior to WebAction, Alok served as Vice President at Oracle in the server technologies organization where he had overall responsibility for product management, strategy, and vision for data integration products. Alok also led the engineering and performance teams that collaborated on architecture, solutions, and future product functionality with global strategic customers. Alok was the Vice President of Technology at GoldenGate where he led the technology vision and strategy from 2004 through its acquisition by Oracle in 2009. He started his career as an engineer in Oracle’s kernel development team where he worked on redo generation, recovery, and high-speed data movement for over 10 years. He has multiple patents, has published several papers and has presented at numerous academic and industry conferences. Alok holds a graduate degree in Computer Science from Stanford University.

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