AM1: NoSQL 101
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  Dan McCreary   Dan McCreary
Kelly-McCreary & Associates


Tuesday, August 19, 2014
08:30 AM - 11:45 AM

Level:  Technical - Introductory

This session is a general overview if the NoSQL movement targeted at individuals that are new to the NoSQL area. It includes a brief history of the key triggering events in the NoSQL movement, a background on the key terms and business drivers behind NoSQL initiatives, a detailed discussions of the key issues driving different NoSQL solutions and a discussion of the methods used to help you select a business-appropriate database.

This session will help you put many of the NoSQL buzzwords in context of the business challenges facing organizations today. If you are new to the area it will enable you to recognize key themes and patterns common in the NoSQL presentations you will hear through the rest of the conference. Topics you will learn about include:

  • Historical Context
  • Triggering Events
  • NoSQL Terminology
  • The Challenges of BigData
  • NoSQL Innovations at Google, Amazon and Yahoo
  • Challenges of Distributed Computing
  • Functional Programming
  • The MapReduce Algorithm
  • Horizontal Scaling with Auto-Sharding
  • ACID and BASE
  • XQuery and FLOWR
  • The Challenge of Agility
  • Challenges of Object-Relational Mapping Systems
  • The CAP Theorem
  • Trade-off Analysis
  • NoSQL Classification Systems
  • Key-Value Stores
  • JSON Document Stores
  • Native XML Stores
  • Graph Stores
  • Object Stores
  • Influential NoSQL Systems (Hadoop, MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassendra, MarkLogic etc.)
  • Architectural Analysis Methods
  • The ATAM Method

Dan McCreary is an enterprise data architect and author specializing in emerging database technologies. He has worked at Bell Labs, with Steve Jobs at NeXT Computer as well as founding his own consulting firm of over 75 people. His background includes topics such as high performance computing, programming languages, databases and XML standards. He has published articles on the semantic web, metadata registries, US Federal XML standards, XForms, XQuery and XRX. He is co-chair of the NoSQL Now! Conference and a co-author of the book "Making Sense of NoSQL" by Manning Publications.

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