Fast Paths to NoSQL Database as a Service
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  Christopher Biow   Christopher Biow
SVP US Public Sector
Basis Technology


Thursday, August 21, 2014
03:00 PM - 03:45 PM

Level:  Technical - Intermediate

The move to enterprise cloud services proceeds as a stack , with multiple levels of "as a Service" (aaS). The Infrastructure level provides a foundation for the Platform level, from which, in turn, the Software level is built. The Platform level is the insertion point for NoSQL database services (DBaaS). If delivered correctly, DBaaS provides a complementary match to the inherent agility and elasticity of modern NoSQL databases, while dramatically reducing costs.

We focus on designing NoSQL DBaaS to fit requirements of its direct customers: the developers for whom frictionless, elastic availability of platforms completes the picture for NoSQL’s revolution in application development. We survey the myriad alternatives at various levels of cloud and aaS stacks, many of which will already be specified in large enterprises. Based on these standards, we review two markedly different enterprise-level DBaaS implementations undertaken by large enterprises.

Attendees should leave with an understanding of how to:

  • Quantify and achieve cost advantages of NoSQL DBaaS, relative to current baselines
  • Create a road map to quickly implement initial DBaaS capabilities and then refine the service to best enterprise advantage
  • Coordinate with all stakeholders to ensure availability, adoption, and incremental improvement of NoSQL services
  • Track costs so that accounting and chargeback match, ensuring efficient allocation of resources, increased agility, and realization of cost savings
  • Solve emergent problems during DBaaS development and roll-out

Chris Biow leads the U.S. Public Sector team at Basis Technology, working with government customers to meet their text analytics and digital forensics mission needs using Basis software and services. He holds a BS in Mathematics from the US Naval Academy and an MS in Computer Science from the University of Maryland. After flying with the US Navy as an F-14 Tomcat RIO (Radar Intercept Officer), Chris founded a sales-enablement software company and then worked delivering Public Sector solutions with search and database software at Verity, Autonomy, MarkLogic, and MongoDB.

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