Too Many Databases, Not Enough Data
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  Matt Heitzenroder   Matt Heitzenroder
COO & Co-Founder


Thursday, August 21, 2014
11:15 AM - 11:45 AM

Level:  Business/Strategic

Databases haven't just proliferated in the marketplace - they've proliferated in applications. How do we know which databases to use and how and when to use them? After 5 years building numerous distributed data systems with developers and businesses, Matt Heitzenroder can attest that polyglot persistence is alive, well, and very painful. He and his co-founders have channeled that pain into a service that abstracts multiple types of databases into a single REST API. Architects, developers, and executives can all learn from this:
  • Choosing Databases - Why people choose what.
  • Data Modeling - What works at scale, abstractly.
  • Secrets of Replication - How Orchestrate was born.

Matt Heitzenroder is the co-founder and the COO of Orchestrate (, which unifies multiple types of databases into a single, simple REST API. He has launched several start-ups and has been apart of several open source companies over the past decade. In 2010, he launched Basho Technologies European operations, where he served as General Manager, EMEA. In 2005, he joined SugarCRM as an early employee, where he helped build the client service team and served as a Professional Services engineer. In his spare time, you can find him hacking, sailing, or skiing.

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