Network Insight: Using Data Visualization to Solve Real-world Problems
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  Corey Lanum   Corey L Lanum
General Manager - United States
Cambridge Intelligence


Thursday, August 21, 2014
10:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Level:  Technical - Intermediate

This talk is about networks in data – social networks, communication networks, business networks, even criminal and terrorist networks.

We know that networks and connections are everywhere, and that they can be important predictors of behaviour. But to truly understand and harness those networks, we need to see them - much harder in practice than it sounds.

Using live demos, this talk will explain how network visualization technologies provide an easy and scalable method for understanding connections in data and solving problems across many different industries.

The talk will close with an in-depth case study showing how network visualization has solved a complex problem. Using real-world data, the audience will see how powerful filtering, layouts and social network analysis can help us derive real insight from vast amounts of interconnected data.

  • Networks are everywhere, learn how they can be used to understand and predict activity
  • See how visualization can turn complex connected data into clear and usable insight
  • Learn how network visualization is solving real world problem
  • Understand how to get started building your own network visualization application

Corey Lanum manages the US branch of Cambridge Intelligence, a UK-based data visualization firm. Previous to starting with Cambridge Intelligence, Corey spent ten years with i2, a market-leading link analysis and visualization platform for the public sector. Corey spent years working with major intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies around the globe helping to model data in a way that inferences can be made visually, and has a top secret clearance in multiple countries.

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