Solving The NoSQL Data Dilemma
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  William Wilson   William Wilson
Senior Engineer


Thursday, August 21, 2014
02:00 PM - 02:45 PM

Level:  Technical - Intermediate

Many applications depend on diverse data structures that must be persisted and queried. Developers face a dilemma: they can cram different kinds of data – such as relational, graph-structured, and semi-structured – into a single store, or they can incur the operational cost of provisioning and running multiple DBMSs and their associated technology stacks.

This talk will explore a new approach for overcoming this dilemma: using a transactional ordered key-value store where multiple logical data models can be mapped to the same storage substrate. This approach provides the flexibility of polyglot persistence without the latter's operational overhead. A database that effectively supports multiple data models can provide a better option than more specialized solutions such as graph or document-based storage formats. In particular, along with the operational advantages, multiple query/traversal patterns can be supported with the same physical representation.

Will Wilson works on the engineering team at FoundationDB ( Will started his career in biotechnology, leading a successful R&D effort in spinal cord injury diagnostics, currently undergoing commercialization by a company he co-founded. Since then, Will has worked in a variety of technical and business roles at data science and data virtualization startups. Will has a degree in math and philosophy from Yale University.

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