Are NoSQL Products Ready for the Enterprise? Examples of MongoDB Deployment.
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  Jnan Dash   Jnan R. Dash
Senior Advisor


Wednesday, August 20, 2014
10:15 AM - 11:00 AM

Level:  Business/Strategic

The general myth is that NoSQL products are only good for web-centric applications for consumer sites whereas enterprises will continue to stick to their RDBMS investment for ever. This is not true as more and more deployment of NoSQL product such as MongoDB is entering the mainstream of enterprise applications. The concept of "systems of engagement" as opposed to "systems of record" is gaining ground at big companies. NoSQL will co-exist with legacy database solutions to bring the new dimensions in Big Data such as variety and scale.
  • Explain the world of Data and all the solutions being marketed under the confusing banner of Big Data
  • List a set of questions enterprise CIO is asking on Big Data
  • Show why NoSQL solution such as MongoDB has gained rapid acceptance and growth
  • Go through a few examples of actual deployment at large enterprises and lessons learned

Jnan Dash is a technology visionary and executive consultant in Silicon Valley. He spent 10 years at Oracle Corporation and was the Group Vice President, Systems Architecture and Technology. Prior to joining Oracle, he spent 16 years at IBM in various positions including development of the DB2 family of products and in charge of IBM's database architecture and technology. He serves on several boards and advisory boards including being an advisor to MongoDB.

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