Complex Analytics with NoSQL Data Store in Real Time [Emphasizing Nested Queries, Projection]
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  Nati Shalom   Nati Shalom
CTO & Co-Founder


Thursday, August 21, 2014
10:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Level:  Technical - Intermediate

NOSQL are often limited in the type of queries that they can support due to the distributed nature of the data. In this session we would learn patterns on how we can overcome this limitation and combine multiple query semantics with NoSQL based engines.

We will demonstrate specifically a combination of key/value, SQL like, Document model and Graph based queries as well as more advanced topic such as handling partial update and query through projection. We will also demonstrate how we can create a meshaup between those API's i.e. write fast through Key/Value API and execute complex queries on that same data through SQL query.

Nati Shalom is responsible for defining the technology roadmap and vision for GigaSpaces products, and for establishing strategic relationships with technology partners. Shalom brought to GigaSpaces his many years of experience with distributed computing and is known as an industry expert in the challenges and solutions involved in large scale deployments. As a thought leader in Cloud computing, Shalom is the founder of the consortium, and is a frequent presenter at industry conferences, and is actively involved in evangelizing Space Based Architecture, Data Grid patterns, and Real-Time Analytics for Big Data Applications

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